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Weapons Down Graphic


The first of the FBCJ Praise Band's originals, this worship song was written during a time of division in the church in order to promote unity in worship. (2017)
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Shepherd Graphic


The FBCJ Praise Band has introduced this new song to the church - focusing on seeking God's leadership through a year of self-examination. (2018)
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The Romans Song Graphic

The Romans Song 

All the lyrics from this song come directly from passages in Romans chapters 8, 11, and 12, for the purpose of helping the church learn key Scriptures through song. (2019)
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Only King Forever Graphic 


Introduced to the church in late January of 2019, we chose this song because of the important gap it closes in our Biblical understanding of the Lord, our nation, and leadership.
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Living Hope Cover Art

Living Hope

For the end of February/early March, 2019 we chose "Living Hope" by Phil Wickham. The theology this song brings to the table is rich and the melody is easy to learn. Please enjoy our rendition of this amazing song.
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 He is the Man of Sorrow Graphic

He is the Man of Sorrows

This is our Easter medley with two awesome songs: "Man of Sorrows," and "Is He Worthy?" 

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King of Kings Square Graphic

King of Kings

In December, 2019 we introduced this song by Hillsong to enhance our Christmas repertoire so that it could include the full gospel.

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